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Top 5 Accessories to be Ready to Go from All Rolled Up


Are you looking for outstanding accessories to deluxify and upgrade your board game and RPG sessions? Look no further, All Rolled Up has a range of practical accessories that deliver ingenious and compact ways to get your game to the table.

The All Rolled Up concept allows players to be ready to game without worrying about all the fuss of finding and organizing their gaming gear. Players can have all they need ready in one place.

As they describe, All Rolled Up was borne out of their desire for a flexible, all-in-one solution to get gaming gear to the table. They worked towards a result that was as compact and portable as possible but accessible and highly usable. The result was All Rolled Up, their core product and company name.

All Rolled Up evolved as a family project, and it took a real team effort to bring everything together. It developed into a company with several trademarked products that successfully deliver the All Rolled Up vision.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I purchased all these accessories I’m about to talk about myself, however, All Rolled Up did send me a discount code to cover some of the cost. Regardless, that discount didn’t affect my opinions of their products.

Accessories Worth Mentioning

With a vast selection of accessories that nicely fit into your All Rolled Up, many were not included in our Top 5 list but are worth mentioning.

  • Handy “wipeables” such as Wipe Cards, Character Cards, and Counters can be very convenient during gaming.
  • Neat custom tokens and counters such as cool heart counters and diverse skull tokens can be used in Print & Play games or to enhance your gaming experience with deluxe custom components.
  • RPG adventure maps printed on high-quality materials can be folded to fit in your All Rolled Up.

A wide sort of pens, toggles, card boxes, dices, dice towers, face masks, and so many other items are available and can be a great fit for you.

5. Small Messenger Bags

All Rolled Up BagI am an avid collection of messenger bags and have plenty lying around, so it is hard to justify yet just another bag. Still, I decided to give the All Rolled Up Small Messenger Bags a go and see how it fits in with the full line of accessories in this list, and I am delighted. These messenger bags are perfect for carrying your All Rolled Up and Aru of Holding. Indeed, I keep my All Rolled Up tidy in my messenger bag so that I am ready to go to my gaming sessions without having to think twice. As my All Rolled Up is usually packed with all sorts of things and accessories, I must carry my Aru of Holding empty in the bag. I use the back pouch for anything I need to grab quickly that is not already packed in my All Rolled Up.

The Small Messenger Bag is a cross-body bag with an adjustable strap, a front rip strip closure, a handy zippered back pouch, and roomy internal capacity for you All Rolled Up and Aru of Holding.

All Rolled Up Tray

4. Folding Dice Tray

Forget the old and unpractical valet dice trays with which we all developed a love-hate connection. Here comes the Folding Dice Trays that unpop easily and fold perfectly inside you All Rolled Up.

This is the original Folding Dice Tray! It is made of high-quality printed neoprene, just like your best playing mat. Plastic snaps allow you to easily pop it all together and be ready to play in seconds. And it’s not just a fantastic dice tray but also perfect for holding game components like tokens, counters, coins, or whatever. At the end of the game session, quickly unpop, fold it in a wallet-like profile, and throw in your All Rolled Up, and you are ready to go.

The Folding Dice Trays are available in different sizes and shapes and more than a hundred designs; one will definitely catch your eye.

I’ve been using my two Folding Trays, a small and a big one, every time I play board games. And if they are not being used to roll dice, I will use them to hold money and point tokens, coins, or any other component that needs plenty of room. Everything gets stored neatly and tidily during a game session, making my life much easier during setup, and organizing everything to go home. I have yet to use them when playing RPG games. Still, they are perfect not only for rolling your d20s but also for storing supporting components like minis, coins, tokens, and stat cards (like monsters, creatures, NPCs, or items) and many others.

All Rolled Up Aru

3. Aru of Holding

Not yet another bag; this is the Aru of Holding bags! A sturdy, spacious and reversible dice & tokens bag that doubles as a holding bag and can carry all sorts of game components, if not an entire game itself.

This bag holds everything from dice, tokens, and counters to complete card decks or other chunky accessories. A strapping cord and a lock toggle will secure all your precious components so that you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged.

Aru of Holding is really the bag that holds it all, and it is very roomy on the inside and stands sturdy when open. The bag is fully reversible, so you can turn it inside out if desired.

As with All Rolled Up, Aru of Holding is made in over a hundred designs and fabrics. In fact, this is the perfect companion to the All Rolled Up, so you can always bring your “whole tabletop” with you, all packed compactly using minimal space.

I’ve been using my Aru of Holding as the one bag that substitutes any board game bag I used to use for dice or tokens. Being sturdy and gorgeous, they are much more practical to use and lovely on the table. I also use my Aru of Holding to carry “big” card games that can have a few hundred cards. I can even bring some full board games in my bag, avoiding taking big boxes to my gaming nights. I like to use my one reversed, and it is nice to have that option. I picked a design that matched my personality. I’m an engineer and bought my bag illustrated with catchy equations and math symbols.

All Rolled Up bittray

2. bittray

Be it tokens, coins, counters, meeples, or any game pieces, you can keep everything tidy and within the reach of your hand with these incredible bittrays. The perfect accessory for organizing and holding all your tabletop gaming bits, hence the name.

Featuring double-sided snaps, you can link them in whatever way you prefer so they can be grouped and arranged together in a row, block, or circle. They are exceptionally convenient for keeping everything in order when you are limited on table space. Bittrays are made of flexible material, washable (in case of accidents), and the rubber backing keeps them in place wherever you put them.

When the game night ends, unsnap them all, snap them together in a bundle and drop them in your All Rolled Up. Being small, lightweight, and foldable, I can fit my set of seven Bittrays in my All Rolled Up, making them portable and ideal for going anywhere.

These guys are very appealing and desirable with so many colors and designs. I love my bittrays, and I’ve used them every time I played a board game to keep all components tidy and safe from sticky pub tables. Sticking them together or handling them separately for each player allows me to find the best arrangement for all my board games. I’ve played many sorts of games using the bittrays, miniature games, Funkoverse, Tile Placement games, Deck Building games with resource tokens, and all kinds of games really. And like my Folding Trays, they make everything easier during setup and getting ready to go home.

They came in second place by a tiny little margin and almost reached first place in this list because they are so helpful, and I like them so much.

All Rolled Up Bag

1 – All Rolled Up

The original accessory that started it all and gave the company its name. All Rolled Up is a multipurpose, compact hand-crafted roll wrap that can hold all your game bits and bobs: dice, tokens, counters, pens, notepads, cards, plus every other accessory in this list.

You can play anywhere and anytime because everything you need is at your fingertips. If you are a role-playing gamer, you can fit all you need for your role-playing session into one package. Even if you’re not a gamer, you can store almost any small thing you can imagine.

In All Rolled Up, you will find:

  • A bag secured with snag-free Velcro. You can use it to store dice, counters, chits, beads, poker chips, and anything else you need to play a game.
  • A central pocket for storing a complete deck of playing cards, trading cards, or dry wipe cards.
  • Nine slots accommodate different sizes of pens, pencils, and thick board markers.

You will find more than a hundred All Rolled Up designs in stock, with a range of colors and designs to suit a wide range of tastes and interests.

All Rolled Up is the “one-stop solution to getting your game to the tabletop” and our top favorite accessory to enhance your game experience.

I chose my All Rolled Up design to match the “math theme” from my Aru of Holding bag. It really shows my character. It is packed with all my other accessories plus pens, pencils, erasers, a sharpener, whiteboard, and permanent markers, wipeable cards, post-it notes and tens of different dice. It’s incredible how much you can fit in a compact wrap; I can fit a complete board game or RPG adventure in it if I want to. Being always ready is really handy, and I can save precious time preparing myself for my game nights. All I need is to throw it into my bag, and I’m sure I have everything I need to play any board game or RPGs. As they say, All Rolled Up and ready to go!

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